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In Japan, there are many exotic sights and sounds....some of the more famous of these are the Japanese sports cars.  Supra, RX-7, 300 ZX, and Sklyline to name a few.  All these names are synonomous with speed and refinement.  One car, however, outsells all of these cars.  That car is the Nissan Silvia.  The Silvia sells so well for several reasons:  it is relatively affordable, it's engine can be tuned to handle exorbitant amounts of power, it sticks to the road like a glove, and it looks great.  The Silvia comes turbo-charged from the dealer in Japan, just begging to be upgraded.

As usual, things were different here in the States.  We got the car with the Silvia body and suspension, however it lacked the heart and soul of the Silvia-it didn't have the incredible SR20DET engine!  This car in the States was called the Nissan 240sx.

After researching, Josh and I were able to purchase a 240sx for almost pocket change.  We have decided to go through the conversion from American 240sx to Japanese Sil-80 or 180SX turbo.  This page is dedicated to that project.  As that car grows and takes shape, so will this site.


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