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Stage 2 - The Ongoing Stage of Weight Reduction
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One of the most important aspects that affects the way a car handles and it's overall performance is how much the vehicle weighs.  Since we plan on racing this completed vehicle, whether it is autocrossing, or drag racing, or eventually some sort of higher-level amateur racing, we decided that it had to undergo a weight loss program.
I believe a stock 240sx weighs 2700lbs.  Josh and myself have gone through extensive weight reduction procedures in which we have removed various stock components which we will not need in the completed vehicle, such as:  rear seats, spare tire, full air conditioning system, radio, all speakers, and a lot more.  This will more than likely be an ongoing process, because even after we get everything unnecessary removed from the car, we will then begin to replace things like the hood and front body panels with lighter materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber.  The seats will be replaced with Sparco or Momo seats also.

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